Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Grievance Tracking Features & Screen Shots


Contract Information

With the Conexus Grievance module, users can search for contracts, view details of a particular contract, effective dates, wage information, holidays, and benefits, and associate side letters and other documents related to a particular contract.

Job Classification

Store information about different job classifications, pay type, pay groups, probation periods and more.

Searching Capabilities

Searching for grievances is easy with Conexus.  The Grievance module allows for you to search on various aspects of a grievance.  The searching capabilities are easily customizable to search on any criteria your organization likes.

Job Evaluations

The Grievance module allows for the storage of class code job evaluations.  Quickly find out how many employees utilize a particular class code, pay groups, history, and amendments associated to a job code.

Unfair Labor Practice Charges

Search and store information related to unfair labor practice charges.  The Grievance module allows your organization to keep track of key issues related to unfair labor practice charges, examiner information, union advocate information, hearing dates, and documents related to the charges.

MS SharePoint Integration

Document Search

Conexus allows for powerful text searching of documents stored within the Grievance module.  Quickly search for document context, open the document from within the application, keep track of document versions, and collaborate with others.
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