Wednesday, January 27, 2021



Q.  Is this application easily searchable?


A.  Yes. The search tool used in this application searches full text to locate keywords that you enter into the search bar.


Q.  Does your application work with a number of different import files.


A.  Yes. Our suite of application modules are designed to work with various file imports. It has the ability to track who imported the file, when it was performed, and email you when the import has been completed. 


Q.  What Platform does this application use?


A.  The application is a Microsoft Web application written in .Net with a SQL Database.


Q.  Is this a web based application?


A.  Yes. Users only need Internet Explorer on the client machines and utilizes Microsoft Office for additional features. Ad-hoc export feature allows the users to effortlessly create customized excel spreadsheets using information within the application. It also enables users to import membership/dues/nhs data from flat files, and excel spreadsheets. Reports, labels, and word documents are generated within the application without the need of an additional word merge.



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